Live Wedding + Event Painting
20" x 16" Canvas: $499
24" x 18" Canvas: $549

32" x 24" Canvas: $599

Want to capture the beauty of your wedding day in an incredibly unique way? Hire Nick to paint live at your wedding!  Your guests will stand in awe as Nick paints you, your spouse, and even themselves in real-time. This is truly a gift that will be cherished for the rest of your lives and for generations to come. Nick paints live at weddings across the Twin Cities and Minnesota and can travel anywhere in the United States. 

Live Church/Worship Painting
Rates begin at $150

Ignite some creativity into your church's worship service with live worship painting! Not only will Nick paint during your service, he will work with pastors and speakers in advance to come up with an artistic representation of what the message is about. Your congregation gets to keep the painting. Nick has painted live at many churches around the Twin Cities, and can travel anywhere (contact for more details).